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Rosh Hashanah 5779 will be observed on Sunday night, September 9th, Monday, September 10th, and Tuesday September 11th.

Yom Kippur begins Tuesday night, September 18th.

Please follow the procedures below to reserve your seats.

This year seats will be sold online. If you choose to reserve the seats you occupied last year, please complete your High Holiday 
reservation by August 22nd. All seats not reserved and paid for by this date will become available on a first come, first served basis.

If you did not reserve seats last year, or have a different need than last year, please indicate when completing your reservation form or 
e-mail with any questions you may have to

We also are requesting that you supply us with your e-mail address, as we will try to use e-mail as the primary means of confirming 
your requests and resolving issues. The seating committee will contact you if we have any questions or are unable to honor your request.


Adult member: $125.00

Children/Full-time students under 26: $100.00

Seniors: $85.00

Non-members: $250.00

PAYMENT POLICY (this will be strictly enforced)

We will be unable to process any reservations unless accompanied by ALL MONIES DUE. A bill has been sent you by email. 
Please log into your shul account via the shul website, or contact the shul office and request a copy of our account statements.

The following is due when you reserve your seat:
Seat Payment in full

Type your name here.

Type your phone number here.

Type your e-mail address here.

if choosing the change option please indicate the exact change in the space given to the right.

We have babysitting available for those in need.

Cost - $15 per child per day
Hours: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
All children (under 12) must either have a seat ($85) or will be charged for child care if they attend shul. 
Of course at the family's discretion, children may also stay home.

Snacks will be provided but it is suggested that you send a nut free lunch since lunch will not
be provided. Lunch must be supplied by the parents.

Activities will include davening, learning and games.


Sat, April 20 2019 15 Nisan 5779