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Youth Registration

The Youth Department is thrilled to be starting a new year even during this pandemic. We are incredibly excited to provide your children with the best youth department experience we can. 

The Holliswood community, the Jewish world and the entire world are all trying to figure out how to engage with each other in ways that are meaningful but also safe. Our Youth Department is no different. We look to continue to engage our children in ways that are fun, will help them grow in their torah judaism and are safe and consistent with the shul’s policies. 

This year will look like no other. We have a lot of exciting ideas that we hope to implement. We will try to do as much in person, face to face (mask to mask and 6 feet apart) as we can. At this time, it is impractical and also impossible to have shabbos morning groups in shul. Shabbos groups have always been our children’s best opportunity to be participatory members of the community. It is where they learn that shul is a place that is for them too. It is a place to daven, learn Torah, and have fun. That is still our goal. We still want your children to love being a part of the Holliswood Youth Department. We still plan to have our always popular erev yontif events that children look forward to and give parents the break they need to prepare for the chag. The youth department is open for business.

 Please take the time to register your children to be members of our Youth Department and click the link below. The majority of our budget comes from registration. This essential funding ensures your children will have delicious snacks and all the other supplies required for our special events, onegs and get togethers throughout the year. It is how we pay our teen leaders and provide our youth with the most enjoyable experiences we can imagine.  

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions.

We're looking forward to a year like no other!

Ronit Farber and Mira Wachstock

Youth Department Co-Chairs

Mon, October 18 2021 12 Cheshvan 5782