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Youth Registration



The youth department has had a wonderful start to the 2022-2023 season. We’ve got new things planned and old favorites too.

Danit and Yakov Tayri are back and better than ever! We are so happy to have these warm caring educators bring their creativity and energy back for another smash year. In addition to our regular programming, YIH has partnered with Beit Nissim to create youth activities for all the children in our community. We are excited to have our YIH children get to know our neighbors and build a stronger unified community with no additional cost to youth dues. 

Shabbos groups are the central way our children learn how to be participatory members of the community. It is where they learn that shul is a place that is for them too. It is a place to daven, learn Torah, and have fun. We want to remind you of some important steps we can take to help groups run smoothly while ensuring our children’s safety at all times. If we all work together and take some simple measures we can make it happen. 

-All kids, from infants (who can sit independently) through 6th graders are welcome to groups each week. Groups start at 10:00 in the beautifully renovated basement. The shul asks that your children either attend groups or are with their parents in the sanctuary (and not in the halls, ballroom, coatroom etc. unsupervised). We ask that children do not go to the basement at times when groups are not in session.

 -We recommend that parents escort their children to groups rather than sending them on their own. This will help make certain both parents and the group leaders know where our children are and will prevent kids from wandering in the building.

 -Weather permitting, the children are taken to the park almost every Shabbos. Kids who did not come to groups cannot join in for park time until a parent has been spoken to, as we must ensure that parents are aware that their child has left the building. If a parent cannot be found, the child cannot leave with groups.

 -If a child needs to speak to a parent during groups, they will be escorted by a leader.

 -Kids are brought into shul around Anim Zemiros/Adon Olam, at which time groups are officially over. A highlight for many in our shul is when the kids stand at the bimah and join with the youth chazzan for the end of davening.

 -We encourage all kids to attend groups. Please remember that if your child does not come to groups, he/she is not under the supervision of the youth department. This includes kids in the ballroom, coatroom, hallways, etc.

 -Please remember that during kiddush time, groups are no longer in session. We ask that children stay in the ballroom in sight of their parents and do not take food out of the room. 

 - Please take the time to register your children to be members of our Youth Department and click the link below. Registration dues cover the cost of shabbos groups. This essential funding ensures your children will have delicious snacks and all the other supplies required for our exciting shabbos morning programing. It is how we pay our teen leaders and provide our youth with the most enjoyable experiences we can imagine.  

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions

We're looking forward to a fun year together!

 Ronit Farber and Mira Wachstock

Youth Department Co-Chairs






Mon, June 17 2024 11 Sivan 5784