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Youth Dept directors

Our Youth Directors

Allison and Elisha Hus

Allison and Elisha are both in the education field, and really enjoy spending time with kids. Elisha works at Manhattan Day School as the director of education technology and STEAM instructor. He loves using technology and innovation to excite learning in his student's of all ages!

Allison is a special education teacher and has years of experience in programming. For the past five years she has been teaching and working on Student Activities at Manhattan Day School (yes that is where she and Elisha met!). Allison has also been involved with Yachad for many years, both Shabbaton coordinating, and serving on their summer head staff, most recently as the Director of Yachad Nesher. She is excited to be returning to her alma mater Yeshiva Har Torah, this school year as a learning specialist and Director of Student Activities.

2017-2018 Youth Department Recap

 Youth Department Blog

Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders


This year the youth department has launched a couple new and exciting youth programs including our JL (Junior Leader) and M&M (Mishna and Mincha) programs.

The JL program is geared for our 6th and 7th graders that are graduating from the youth department.  The program is geared for leadership training, Shabbos Davening, and exclusive JL events. The program takes place every Shabbos starting at 9:30 in the Main Shul to acclimate the JL’s to davening with a minyan on Shabbos. At 10:00 they have an exclusive Kiddush that satisfies their sweet tooth and gives them the energy they need to help out during groups. At the Kiddush, they hear a short Dvar Torah; in the near future- they will be the ones sharing with the others the Dvar Torah. At this point the JL’s come down to help out with our youth (They are doing a FANTASTIC JOB!).  

Our exclusive JL events are geared towards leadership training and having a great time! Our Kickoff event was a combination of Coldstone and Barnes and Noble. We started our event by eating ice cream at Coldstone (if they weren’t already hyper, ice cream did the trick!). Then we separated the JL’s into 2 teams to compete in a scavenger hunt throughout Barnes and Noble. We challenged the JL’s to make sure that no one in the store finds out what we are doing-in other words teach them that they have self control even with a sugar rush. They were quite impressive! They showed off their par excellence leadership skills! At the end of the event, we counted up the points and the girls beat the boys by 1 clue! Stay Tuned to hear more of our exciting events! 

The M&M Program, inspired by Justin Stark, is a wonderful opportunity to spend time learning with your friends and munching on some yummy snacks (if you show up on time). We began learning Masseches Rosh Hashonah a couple weeks ago and we are already finishing the 1st perek this week! We are in the process of planning an exclusive M&M trip for all those who participate. The program is split up into two groups. Some of our kids are learning Mishna for the very first time: learning the language of the Mishna and the different interesting ideas. The older kids are honing their impeccable thinking skills and asking well thought out questions! Stay Tuned as we fly through Masseches Rosh Hashonah!

Mon, July 22 2019 19 Tammuz 5779