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Rosh Hashanah 5781 will be observed on Friday night, September 18th, Saturday, September 19th, and Sunday September 20th.

Yom Kippur begins Sunday night, September 27th.


A Message from our President


Dear Kehila,

While many people’s lives have seemingly been at a standstill during the past 5 months of Covid-19, time continues to fly by as we begin to plan for the upcoming High Holidays.

As social distancing guidelines seem to be here to stay for the foreseeable future, we have made plans to accommodate multiple smaller Minyanim both inside and outside for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Though several of us have lost loved ones and many have suffered financial hardships during Covid-19, B”H all those in the community who became ill have recovered or are in the process of doing so, and none of us lost our lives, which unfortunately, has not been the case in so many other communities. I believe our proactive and early closing of the Shul as well as everyone’s compliance in following social distancing and handwashing guidelines along with wearing masks has allowed our community to come through this pandemic relatively unscathed from a health perspective.  As the Yamim Noraim approach, we each have the opportunity to take stock of all the blessings we have been fortunate to receive this past year and make preparations and requests of Hashem for the coming new year, 5781.

For our Shul, the first step in preparing for next year is organizing the sale of seats for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Whether you daven indoors or outdoors this year, the sale of seats is an integral component of the income we depend upon to continue the work we do as a shul. We ask that all member accounts be in good standing prior to obtaining seats for the High Holidays, to the extent possible. One of the elements of being in good standing is for all outstanding account balances to be paid in full.  Please take the time to review your balances with the Shul and honor the Shul with your effort to meet those obligations. 

As we will be in multiple locations with seats socially distanced, we will not be able to replicate past years’ seating charts and we depend upon your understanding as the Seating Committee works through this most difficult situation. Children under Bar/Bat Mitzvah who are over the age of 10 and can sit quietly with their parents are welcome to join us at any of the outdoor minyanim. There will be no babysitting services or youth groups. For those parents with younger children who both want to attend davening, one of our outdoor minyanim will start at 9:50 to allow one spouse to go to Hashkama starting at 7:50 and the other to attend the 9:50 minyan.

We expect the various minyanim to follow the same format and schedule although the exact length of davening may be different depending on the Ba’alei Tefilah and Gabaim.

With limited seating options and B”H close to 200 people who responded to the survey indicating they will be attending we unfortunately may not have enough room at each location. Seat reservations will open on September 1st at 8:00PM. At that time you may order and pay for your Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur seats below. Please understand that to accommodate as many people as possible, our system will work on a first come first served basis. A reservation must be accompanied by full payment at the time of reservation.  For those of you with a balance, we request that you do your best to address the balance and contact the finance committee to discuss your balance prior to obtaining your seats. Email:

Our goal is to ensure that everyone who wants to attend has a seat. To help with this please register for seats ASAP so we can determine if additional seating options are needed.

We are planning on having an additional shofar blowing in the afternoon. Children of all ages are welcome to attend. We are also planning to to have a short program for the kids in conjunction with this shofar blowing, details to follow.


Please follow the procedures below to reserve your seats.


This year seats will be sold online.

With the logistical challenges of social distancing, the need to rent tents for the outdoor minyanim and the need for additional security, the costs to host Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur davening are significantly higher than in a normal year.  As you will see below, to help accommodate for these added expenses seat prices will be an additional $25/seat.


Members:  $150.00

Non-members:  $275.00

There will be no babysitting services this year due to COVID-19.

Seniors and people at high risk should speak to their physician prior to attending this year due to COVID-19.


We request that anyone who is in a position to address their balance please do so prior to making your reservation.

You may log into your shul account to view your account balance.

If you are unable to make full payment, please call Barbara in the office to set up a meeting with the Finance Committee, who will work with you to arrange a mutually agreeable payment plan, and which will remain strictly confidential.

No one in need of special financial consideration will be denied the opportunity to reserve a seat.





If the Seats you are looking for are not available please call the office and we will do the best we can to accommodate you.

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Fri, July 23 2021 14 Av 5781