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Yashar LaChayal

Chanukah 2017 Campaign  

This year, once again, we celebrate the victory of the Maccabees and the rebuilding of the Temple. And, although America's acknowledgement of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital has provided an added element of joy for many, it has also brought an additional element of sadness that the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces must again be called upon to put themselves in harm’s way to protect innocent Israeli civilians from the incitement to violence and hatred characteristic of the ongoing Arab refusal to accept the Jewish state.


In the past, our annual appeal for Yashar LaChayal provided IDF members, including many with direct connections to Holliswood, with warm winter clothing. Thankfully, the Israeli government now provides these. But there is still much to be done to warm the hearts of our IDF brothers and sisters and let them know how much their efforts are appreciated by so many here in Holliswood and around the world. Yashar LaChayal programs provide assistance for:

  • Lone Soldiers
  • Needy Soldiers
  • Injured Soldiers
  • Soldiers Widows and Orphans
  • Soldiers Rest and Recreation

We have an opportunity to demonstrate the respect and gratitude of so many here in Holliswood, in contrast with the anti-Semitic vilification of Israel proclaimed around the world.


We ask that each family donate $72 or more – if possible - to brighten the life of soldier, providing him or her with Shabbat meals, toiletries and recreational facilities, and your appreciation and love will continue to fill and warm their hearts this winter.


When you get to the payment screen to pay. Please choose to pay the PayPal convenience fee so that your entire donation can be sent to Yashar LaChayal.

You may also drop of a check at the shul office if you prefer.









Sat, August 18 2018 7 Elul 5778